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 Gorgy TimingCommunicating the right information at the right place, at the right time

A company, must be able to simultaneously communicate to each department, each workshop, each subsidiary, the same information regardless of the distance between its various sites: announce the visit of an important customer, an incident, an event, a delay, stock market information, etc.



"Turnkey" products with ergonomic management software

 Gorgy TimingIf we are able to relay secure time information, regardless of the distance, the same applies for all visual communication. LEDICOM displays (often paired wit clocks) are therefore complementary to the natural range for GORGY TIMING. They benefit from the same progress as products connected to time distribution in terms of technology and design.
The company provides complete service: design, manufacturing, installation, supply of management software and training.

Information overcomes distances

Thanks to the Internet, but also through development of wire, optical, wireless Wi-Fi and WiMAX networks which facilitate exchanges.

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