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Inauguration of the common Laboratory: FASTLAB - 07.23.2019

Inauguration of the common Laboratory: FASTLAB

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GORGY TIMING and the FEMTO-ST Institute inaugurated their common Laboratory selected by the ANR (National Agency for Research)

 Gorgy TimingThis human collaboration between scientific research and a cutting-edge SME aims at developing physical instruments and cybersecurity. The goal is to pre-industrialize a reliable and secure dissemination of Time / Frequency.

These methods and software developments apply to advanced industrial applications. They will allow this partnership to become a worldwide French standard in the field of Time/Frequency thanks to a strong differentiation on a niche market.




  • Human collaboration
  • Scientific research and tech SME
  • Physical instruments and cybersecurity
  • Pre-industrialization of a reliable and secure time dissemination
  • Advanced industrial applications
  • Niche market & differentiation
  • A French Time / Frequency standard worldwide

Article available (in French) at L’Est Républicain.