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New record of participation!

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Every year, GORGY TIMING is hosting a big event for their distributors from around the world. This annual seminar provides an opportunity to review our company’s development strategy, our time distribution and synchronization solutions as well as Market Insights & Industries

 Gorgy TimingEnlarge the pictureIn view of the exceptional circumstances, GORGY TIMING has decided to transform this year’s World Sales Meeting into an entirely online event. All this to keep the link with its distribution network and to maintain this important event. The seminar was a real success with more than 80 attendees from 21 countries.


During the 2020 seminar, GORGY TIMING awarded the prize of the Best Distributor 2020 to the company SINCRON-SISTEMI, based in Italy.



Congratulations for this great achievement and thank you to all our Distributors for taking part in this year’s event.


Ratings and reviews

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 Ricardo H., Portugal:
“Congratulations on this year initiative and for all the contents we approached in the meeting!”

Joseph W., Malaysia:
Good dialog and knowledge sharing...

Azleen A, Malaysia:
Good session”