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GORGY TIMING is a French, family-owned, industrial SME created in 1974 by Maurice Gorgy. We design, manufacture and market time distribution and time synchronisation solutions.

Today, the GORGY TIMING group is comprised of two divisions:

  • Firstly, “GORGY TIMING”, whose main focus is Industrial
  • Secondly, “SCPTime”, which is a Service activity

In this increasingly digital era of globalization, the transition to the Digital world is impossible without reliable and exact Time.
This digital revolution has changed uses, behaviours, and activities… it directs innovation towards the mainstream world, encouraging the development of the Service and use economy.

This is why GORGY TIMING has made the strategic shift from the Industrial world towards the world of Services, evolving its business model in order to reposition itself on the value creation chain and to establish itself on the world stage of Time and cyber security.

Five years ago, when Maurice and Nicolas GORGY– who noticed the flaws with the GPS synchronisation system – invented the concept of a “Time operator” capable of broadcasting a “Secure, Certified, Precise and Traceable” time signal, the State, major industrialists and experts in the French Time/Frequency sector followed them in their vision.
Thus SCPTime® was born…

To meet the new challenges of cyber security and time traceability this concept integrates all the necessary elements: technologies and know-how.

With its official certification, we are proud to say that SCPTime ® will contribute to the emergence of the fourth industrial revolution.
Just as it was in 1974 when GORGY TIMING was created, the Time Distribution by binary code emerged as obvious, SCPTime® is an innovation driven by a technological breakthrough that guides the future growth of the company..

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GORGY TIMING is an industrial SME which designs and produces in France.

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Our company

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Our company is located in La Mure, near Grenoble, in a building with an area of 4000m2. GORGY TIMING combines its R&D, design, production, sales in France and abroad, financial and customer service activities. The company also operates internationally through its three subsidiaries: in Karlsruhe (Germany), Barcelona (Spain) and Yantai (China).

Since 2015, part of our Innovation department has been located in Europole, at the heart of Grenoble’s technological ecosystem (Minalogic, Minatec, INP, CEA, WTC…). This facility is dedicated to the research and development of the SCPTime® service.

Production unit

 Gorgy Timing Research and Development department


Our teams are specialised in mechanics, network computing and embedded electronics.

Our values

The values of our eponymous brand have been handed down from generation to generation. We strive to build long-lasting and close relations with our customers and partners in order to sustain their investments.


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Innovation has been part of the company’s DNA since its creation, with the development of many innovative products and time codes.
The digital age offers new opportunities for innovation at GORGY TIMING. Its development of the highly secure, traceable and SCPTime® certified time broadcasting service is an illustration of this.

GORGY TIMING anticipates the needs of its Time/Frequency market in computer network technologies and ensures the security of the time synchronisation in the face of increasingly frequent cyber attacks on GPS, NTP and radio frequency.



G Gorgy TimingORGY TIMING is actively involved in the French technological ecosystem, the networks of the French Time/Frequency sector, and in exchanges of experience with academic laboratories, engineering schools and major industrial groups.

This dynamic of exchanges between partners encourages the emergence of new technologies.

GORGY TIMING is participating in the launch of the Nano Plan 2022 for the development of nanotechnologies at STMicroelectronics on March 15, 2019.



Thanks to its strong international presence since its creation, GORGY TIMING has more than 10,000 customers and 85,000 installations in 115 countries.

More than half of our turnover is generated internationally. Our sales and technical teams are proficient in 7 languages and our documentation is published in French, Chinese, Spanish, German and English.

Our three subsidiaries are located in Karlsruhe (Germany), Barcelona and Madrid (Spain) and Yantai (China)




The company is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.  Gorgy Timing

GORGY TIMING products meet international standards including MIL STD (military standard) and are NATO FA2XO certified.


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